The Good Old Khan Market

The Real Khans (Image from Google Search)

The Real Khans
(Image from Google Search)

The year is 2038, that is, twenty five years from today. The world looks very different. TV serial Pavitra Rishta is finally about to end its legendary run on Zee TV. Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi is expected to lose the next General Elections amid widespread perception of incompetence and fraud, the new multi-coloured  1-Crore Rupee note is the new buzz in town and already in short supply, and Sachin is expected to announce his retirement imminently.

The only thing that hasn’t changed much is Bollywood. Cutting edge movies continue to be made, Item Songs are as raunchy as ever, and Abhishek Bachchan is still waiting to give his first solo hit since his debut 40 years ago. Oh, and one more thing – The Three King Khans still rule Bollywood!

They are meeting today at Shah Rukh’s swanky mansion called Jannat. (Gauri stayed on at Mannat after the divorce) The old boys are reminiscing about their years in the industry over beer, fried boneless chicken and Gelusil.    


Salman Khan : Yaar, Arbaaz is forcing me to do Dabanng 14. He says this new one will be better than all the previous ones.

Aamir Khan : How so? When you fart in this one, will it be for real this time?

All of them laugh.

Shah Rukh Khan : Oye Arbaaz, I think I know the real reason why you are making this film.

Arbaaz Khan : What’s that, Bhai Jaan?

SRK : (impishly) Your begum is feeling like doing an item song again, right? Basically, all you are doing is building an entire movie around her item song. Just like the previous 13 Dabanngs!

Aamir sniggers at the suggestion, and Salman and Arbaaz look sheepish now that their secret is out.

Aamir : Abey, haven’t all your heroines retired already? Even Katrina has now, after that awful Mother India remake debacle.

Salman : (genuinely surprised) Oh, you didn’t like it? I thought she was really good! Who else could have played an NRI Mother India so convincingly?

Aamir : (with contempt) Hmpf! Saale, itne saalon mein you couldn’t teach her any acting?

SRK : Sallu Mian teaching acting?

All four laugh again.


The doorbell rings. Since only Aamir has fresh batteries in his hearing aids, he is the only one who hears it.

Aamir : I think there is someone at the door.

SRK hops on his motorized scooter and drives to the main entrance. The other oldies follow suit on their scooters. At the door, they find Saif Ali Khan with his daughter.

SRK : Oye, Hello? What are you doing here, Saif Ali?

Saif Ali Khan : (mildly angry) Khan. Saif Ali KHAN. How can you have a Khan meet and keep me out of it?

Aamir : Saif Ali PATAUDI. You are not a Khan, you fraud! You never were and you never will be! Now scoot before I release my 2 Idiots – Sharman and Madhavan – after you.

Saif : This is not fair! I have been as successful a Khan as the bloody three of you, yaar! And look…

Quickly fishes out his visiting card from his wallet.

Saif : Even my visiting card says – Saif Ali KHAN. From Pataudi.

SRK : Aww…that’s cute, Agent Vinod. And don’t think I will not unleash my Ra.One on you just because you show up here hiding behind your daughter, ok?

Saif : Daughter? That’s Kareena, you geriatric idiots! Put on your fucking glasses!

The three real Khans laugh very hard and then immediately break into old man coughing spasms. Saif and Kareena leave the premises in a huff.


The men are back in the den, slowly chewing on soft chicken nuggets. Each has been advised by his dentist to be careful about the dentures.

Arbaaz : Bhaiya, tell them about the heroine of the new Dabanng!

Salman digs out his mini iPad from his bag which is also carrying his hot water bottle, emergency hair fixing cream and Viagra.

Salman : Boys, meet my new heroine!

SRK : (observes the picture in the iPad and frowns) New heroine?

Aamir : Abey ullu ke paththey, someone is playing a joke on you! That is Reena Roy. She used to be one of those Nagin type actresses from the 1970s. When we were all in our nikkars!

Salman : (angrily) Arrey kameeno, this is not Reena Roy. This is Heerakshi, Sonakshi Sinha’s daughter. Bloody Assholes!

The other two oldies readjust their reading glasses and have another look. They nod their heads at each other.

SRK : (doubtfully) Helluva resemblance, I must say. (Does not sound completely convinced about the woman’s authenticity)


The doorbell rings again. This time the boys decide to race their motorized scooters to the main entrance. Aamir wins the race.

Aamir : (surprised) Abey, who are you?

Fardeen Khan : Fardeen Khan, son of Feroz Khan, requesting permission to join the party.

Salman : Abey, tu pagal hai? We just let the dogs after that Pataudi fellow, but at least he was in films. Have you even worked in films? You look like you run a Halwai shop or something.

SRK : (nodding in agreement) Yeah, he does look like a Halwai. (Calls out loudly for the maid servant) Vimla, did we order any mithai?

Fardeen : (extremely offended) Heyy Baby, Khushi, Jaanasheen – all major box office hits, you bloody pompous assholes!

Aamir : (pretending to think hard) Oh yeah, yeah, I am sort of remembering him now…

SRK : You are?

Aamir : Yeah, he had another film…what was its name again? Oh yes, yaad aaya – NO ENTRY.

The door is slammed shut.


Later, after several beers. 

SRK : (wistfully) Yaar, I have had enough of Yash Raj. No more. I can’t play Rahul anymore after the flop.

Aamir : (consolingly) Not a very wise choice for Aditya Chopra to remake his father’s old classic. Is it any surprise that it bombed?

SRK : Well, I think it was because of the title – Jab Tak Haddiyon Mein Hai Jaan. I don’t think people took that to be very romantic. Why couldn’t he just call it – Jab Tak Hai Jaan Mein Jaan – or something like that, like sane people would?

SRK silently takes a swig of Gelusil Liquid.

Salman : (changing topic to lighten the mood, turns to Aamir) I hear your new one is very cutting edge? Planning another trendsetter film?

Aamir : (excitedly) Yes, yes, it’s a psychological science-fiction adult comedy.

Arbaaz : Hein?

Aamir : You remember my old films Talaash and Delhi Belly?

Arbaaz : Yes.

Aamir : So, imagine kind of a rehash of those two genres.

SRK : (finding the mixing of ‘psychological’ and ‘adult comedy’ genres quite strange) And where does the science-fiction part come in?

Aamir : It’s based on the Lunar Mafia. Parts of the film will be shot on the Moon.

SRK : (unconvincingly) I see, I see.


The doorbell rings again. By now, the men are annoyed by the constant interruptions.

Salman : (as he opens the door) Oh look what the cat dragged in. It’s Paan Singh Tomar.

Aamir : (gruffly) What do you want, Paan Singh Tomar?

Irrfan Khan : I heard there was a Khan gathering today?

SRK : So, how does it concern you? This is for real, bona fide, Khan heroes only. Not character actors like you.

Salman : Yes, real achievers. Like us!

Aamir : What have you achieved, Pi Patel?

Irrfan : Oh, I guess nothing by your standards. No one is willing to give me romantic hero, or rebel hero, or action hero roles at 70 years of age, that’s for sure.

Salman : Yes, so scoot!

Irrfan : Actually, that is what I came here to tell you. You see, even if you invited me today, I wouldn’t be able to join you. I am off to Los Angeles.

SRK : What for, Billoo Barber?

Irrfan : For the Oscars, na. Didn’t you hear? I am nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award this year. The buzz about my winning the trophy is very strong.

The man bids adieu, slamming the door on the ‘real’ Khans faces.


Aamir : (mildly annoyed as he makes a u-turn on his scooter) You know, who cares about the Oscars?

Salman : Yes, who wants worldwide recognition as an actor? I am just happy that people from Bilaspur to Bhatinda idolize me as their God! I am thinking of patenting my pelvic thrust.

SRK : Well, thank God it wasn’t me who got nominated. I don’t want to go through any airport security where they don’t recognize my world famous face.

The men return to the den. They are quite wistful. There is silence, except for Salman’s farts which no one hears anyway. Strangely enough, they are too lost in thought to have even the smell bother them.

Aamir : (finally breaking the silence) Saalon, we have been hares all our lives, running after glittery things that mean nothing. And that kameena kachua just pipped us to the post.

SRK : Yes, yaar, bande mein talent toh hai.

Salman and Arbaaz merely nod.    

Suddenly, Karan Johar’s voice booms on the Public Address system all around the mansion.

Karan Johar : (over the PA) Boys, food is served. Come and get it!

The announcement breaks their reverie.

SRK : (looks at Salman) Ah, anyway, tell me more about Heerakshi. Yeh bata saale, will she play your wife or granddaughter in that film?

The boys laugh and drive their motorized scooters to the dining room.



No motorized scooters were harmed in the writing of this fictional story. I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013. The theme is SEVEN. This story featured seven people who happen to have the same last name.




108 thoughts on “The Good Old Khan Market

  1. Vidya Sury

    Rickie, what fun I had reading this. You know – no matter how old we are, we can never resist laughing at the mention of a “fart”.
    I swear I’ve always thought Sonakshi looks like Reena Roy. 🙂
    I loved their Gelusil and the motorized scooters and Kareena 😀
    Thanks for considerably brightening up my day. Took me back a few decades to the time when we would write imaginary conversations like this in school. 🙂

  2. blogwatig

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaa Heerakshi!!!!!!!!!and you are so right about Irfan!

    Sigh Rickie Khosla I officially missed you………….Muah………….loved this

    1. Micheal

      Hola!! me parece que has realizado un buen trabajo con esta pagina y me gustaria saber si controlas algo de oscilospios en workbench porque ando un poco verr.e.Gdacias

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  3. BhavanaDiary

    I take this post as satire on sad state of affairs in bollywood. The state is so bad that even is a model-turned-heroine makes a non-commercial movie, then it is called ‘acting’.
    I dont know if the film industry will ever improve in India??
    I wonder if Abhishek has taken over in anchoring KBC by then?

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      It is, totally! Old Men playing Young Men and Tall Untrained Women playing Leading Actresses. Ah, well!
      LOL…just a matter of time before we see Abhishek take over KBC, I’m sure!

  4. janakinagaraj

    If Rajini can, Khans kan’t? Don’t underestimate the power of the Khans! Mera Sallu Dabanng tha, Dabanng hai aur Dabang rahega. Hey Bhagwan! ye sab dekhne ke liye mujhe zinda rakhna.

      1. Geraldine

        I’ve been looking high and low, and it seems that most liberal arts schools are populated by heavy drinkers and partiers, which I am not interested in. If I can, I’d like to double major in creative writing and jou.malisnr. Thank you!. February 25, 2013

      2. http://www./

        I am a fan of Bloom Workshop on Facebook! These prizes are just wonderful. Would love to get my little newbie paws on them as I grow in my photography. Happy Anniversary too!

  5. Sakshi Nanda

    How, just HOW good can anyone be? As my stomach slowly un-cramps from the fit of laughter that caught it a second back, I thank my dear good Lord that Rickie Khosla keeps away from all writing contests/twitter wars. May you always have the best smart phones, already. 😛 Your list of best-sellers should ensure that! And much sooner than 2038, you will be the very King Khan of the writing world yourself. 😉

    1. Tish

      I remember someone mentioning this on a previous thread (or was it an announcer?), but I thought it was a great point: the Lakers are so used to being longer and more athletic inside that they can usually get away with little tivhmo-t-etselpes defensive rebounds and then come away with it. Not so in this series. These Nuggets are nearly as long and athletic, and will take away a loose ball in the paint nearly every time.The Laker bigs need to realize that and go out and get a hold of that ball.

    2. http://www./

      Will this change help weed out sites that do nothing but scrape and steal other sites' content? For example, has a ton of original content. yet Google often leads me to other sites that simply copy the SO content. Will this change help?

  6. mahabore

    I couldn’t stop laughing as and when I kept reading this post 🙂 Awesome imagination and loved the way that Irrfan took the cake at the end….

    Reeky Coleslaw, you are anything but reeky, and yes, I echo Sakshi’s comment completely 😀

  7. Rachna

    Loved the fun! Rickie and Bollywood cannot be far apart :). Irrfan has already dropped Khan from his name. I guess he does not wish to be counted in their league even by mistake :). The entire industry works on sycophancy. It sort of makes me sick see them sing paeans for each one. And I do like Aamir, at least he is an actor!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      See, I didn’t even know about Irrfan not using his surname till someone told that to me after reading the post!
      I guess, whatever drama Bollywood engages in, just makes them more endearing in our eyes, right? And I am saying that after comparing the state of our films with our TV! 😀

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Hahhah…isn’t it? I really do think these three (or at least two of them) have still got another 15-20 years of romantic herogiri left in them!
      Thanks for reading…glad you liked it!

  8. rainbowhues23

    Woof!! this one is a loud woof! I loved the post completely (You promised that!) ROFL with the ‘Jab Tak Hai Haddiyon Mein Jaan’….I still can’t get over that point….so damn funny.

    Oh the ending was just too good. What was for khaana btw? Or maybe I just ask KJo? 😀

    Good one Rickie!

    1. Lacey

      Espero que te entretengas lo suficiente…Qué tal todo por ahí?Es tan malo como lo pintan? Yo siempre pienso que nos quieren asustar con algo…terrorismo, crsi.s…gripe.i.Un beso

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      With so much fart in the air, I just thought it was more realistic that the oldies wouldn’t even notice the smell after a point! Of course, it is quite possible that the air in the room might have been a fire hazard! 😀
      Thanks so much for reading!

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  10. Karan Shah

    i was literally ROFL while reading the conversation….and the treatment to Saif, Fardeen was so apt and so was to the three khan’s by the Real Khan pipping them to the Oscar’s….thoroughly enjoyed reading it !!!

    you can check out my post here-
    Karan – Brother

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        Oh My goodness! To much fun stuff to look at! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little house with the K! Hmmmm…as soon as I get settled in our new house…we may have to do a swap together! Love all your other goodies. The pink hat, the jewelry you made, and the old vintage books! Yum!

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  12. alkagurha

    I dropped in go check your new blog look which by the way is awesome.
    This was an an imaginative witty post. I could visualize the khans with beer in their hands and Viagra in their pants.LOL. Kareena will kill you for Mother India.


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