‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ – A Stupid Short Story About Entirely Fictional Characters

Image stolen from Google

Image shamelessly stolen from Google


“I told you to stop doing that!” the mother admonished her boy a second time as he continued to blow bubbles in his bowl of cold milk with a straw. Getting him to finish his breakfast without drama was climbing fast in the list of rants she had with her life. Heavens knew she had other, bigger things to worry about.

“But, Mamma, I don’t want to go there,” the son wailed. “No, No, NO!” his voice began to rise with each utterance of resistance.

The mother sighed. It was the same argument over and over again. ‘My beautiful boy, but stubborn like an ass!’ she thought. She had already tried her damndest to make him shift to the other house just a few blocks away but everything had proved futile so far.

“But you won’t be there na, Mamma!” had been his first pushback when she had broached the subject with him several months ago.

“I will keep visiting, my little baby,” she had tried to counter-argue. “Plus, Ramu Kaka will be there. And Bhalloo, your favourite teddy. All your toys! You won’t even miss Mamma after a while!”

“NO!” The intransigent monster had stuck to his toy guns.

Then, a few days later, she had tried to change her tactics. “Ok, so how about I go live with you in your new home for a few days? Will that make you happy?” she had asked.

“Yes! But what will you do after a few days?”

“I will return back here,” she had said quietly. “Mamma can’t stay there forever, my child.”



It wasn’t just her efforts that had proved futile. Several other Uncles and Aunties had urged him, too, but none of it had mattered.

Today, she had decided that she needed to get to the root cause of his obstinacy.

“Are you scared to go there?” she had asked him a few minutes ago as they started breakfast.

“No…” The voice sounded timid.

So, he is scared!’ the intuitive mother realized immediately. No wonder he had been resisting so vehemently! No amount of toys, gifts, threats or mollycoddling was going to help if she didn’t address his primal fears. She needed to know what it was. Ghosts? Girls? Old men with scary beards?

“What is the matter, my poor baby?” asked the concerned mother in her best kindly voice. Then, suddenly sensing that the boy probably didn’t want to go to the new house because he was scared of the man who already lived there, she asked, “Has that man said something to you?” Her voice was back to being mildly angry.

“No…” the quivering voice repeated.

“Tell me, boy!” the mother demanded sternly this time.

“No, he hasn’t said anything!” he said, almost in tears.

“No? Then why are you scared of him?”

“Because he doesn’t say anything! He just stares at me quietly. I think he wants to eat me!”

The mother laughed loudly. Her stupid little boy.

“He is not going to eat you! It’s not that he doesn’t talk to you alone. He talks to no one!”

“So, is he dumb?”

“No!” the mother said angrily. “Don’t use foul language against Singh Uncle! And remember, he will leave once you arrive there. So there is nothing to fear anyway!”

The mother was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her. It was the maid. She was panting as she walked briskly.

“Madam?” the maid said as she faced the mistress. “Priyanka Baby is on the phone. She says it is urgent.”

Bloody hell,’ shrieked the mother in her mind. ‘What has Robby done now?’ she wondered. As she pushed back her dining chair and rose, she gave a stern look at the boy again.

“Listen here, no more fussing! You are shifting to No. 7 next year. It is DONE. No more arguments!”

The sullen boy’s face fell. The lower lip trembled and the eyes welled up promptly.

“And you had better finish those cornflakes before I come back after dealing with your sister!”



I hope the reader has realized that this is not a short story, merely pretending to be one! After all, I don’t want the CBI coming to arrest me in the middle of the night and hauling me away to jail in my underwear. With my pretty looks, nasty things could happen to me there!  

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013. The theme of this festival is SEVEN, so do pay attention to where that number has been used.





74 thoughts on “‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ – A Stupid Short Story About Entirely Fictional Characters

  1. C. Suresh

    Where are you going, Rickie? 🙂 I do not know if I am to say “Hahaha” here and feel silly later when you make me cry 🙂 Or, wonder about the pathos of the boy only to see you spoof things 🙂 I prefer to reserve my comments 🙂

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Well, I do apologize to folks like you, who haven’t been in the thick of the silly political season in this country for years, of intentionally making this political essay look like a short story! Sorry!
      Hope you re-read it and let me know what you thought of it as a satirical piece.

  2. alkagurha

    Ha ha. I think Singh uncle wants to eat all of us. Awesome flight of imagination. Just saw a cartoon where Pappu is wondering why people are worried about the falling rupee when the rupee has actually risen from 50 to 68!

  3. Susan Deborah

    I think I can comment only after reading every single post in this series. It seems abrupt at this point. Who is Singh uncle and what is the significance of No. 7? Okay, shall wait.

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Please can I ask you to read this again – not as a short story but as political satire? You will like it better.
      I only called it a Short Story in jest – it isn’t one at all!

      1. Pankti Mehta

        LOL..I missed the entire point. Had you not said that it was a political satire, I would have been waiting for the reason for that boy refusing to go to that other house. I guess this is one of those situations for me wherein I no longer know what to do!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Quite the contrary. It is not an ongoing piece. In fact, this is not even a short story! I may have intentionally led everyone into believing it was that – just because I don’t want to be thrown in jail for writing sensitive political commentary! 😀
      Please can I urge you to re-read this as satire? I think you will like it in that context! The cues are all there,

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Hah! So you and I have both protected our backs by masking our writing!
      Very glad you ‘figured’ it out that this was not a short story in the least…and then enjoyed it!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Roshni, I think you missed the basic premise of this post because of your physical distance from India. Please can I urge you to re-read the piece, not as a short story (it was not intended to be one) but as political satire?

  4. blogwatig

    Ufffffffffffffffff, maar dala! I really want to comment on the story, but your statutory warning erased all my memory. Dollar Underwear is it?

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      I must say, you had your own unique perspective about this post! I think you should now read the next one I wrote. I think you will love it. It’s about a person we both love and admire from the bottom of our nasal passage!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      May I urge you to read the post again, not thinking of it as a short story, but as a political essay? I think you will see this post in a completely different light!

  5. Amrit Rukhaiyaar

    Honestly Rickie, When I started reading it, I thought its a sad story about Divorced parents or child going to boarding school… but as soon as I saw no.7, I suddenly fell in love with this piece of work. RESPECT.

  6. rainbowhues23

    Why does the mom want to let the boy go and live elsewhere…? Is he going somewhere? Anyway, waiting for the next part. Thanks!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      I think I pushed people into believing this was a short story! Frankly, I didn’t anticipate that people will not catch that it was only stinging satire, nothing else.
      But, thanks for liking the story part, in any case. Hopefully, you will re-read it and enjoy it more this time!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      I think when I called it a “Short Story”, I think I may have pushed people too far into believing what this post wasn’t! Plus, many people don’t quite follow politics so they didn’t read the satire at all.
      Anyway, glad you liked it!

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Thanks for reading!
      If I had an old man sitting in front of me staring through his Coke-bottle thick glasses, and not saying a word ever, I would be peeing my pants!

  7. Animesh

    Well, why does this story remind me of an old Indian “dynasty” with lots of chamchas arond 😛 . Loved the twist about Singh uncle’s staring, this is another traits after his silence which seems to have gone unntoiced 😀

    And Robby seems to a well deserved name. Loved it, why don’t you give it a logical ending and write few more parts? Or are you going to merge all these Seven One and two and so on somewhere?

      1. Animesh

        Yes I liked it 🙂
        And few more posts along these lines would certainly do a wonder. You may choose to modify the Seven Two Story a bit also, as I feel it is also on the same line 🙂

        Would wait to read next parts.

  8. BhavanaDiary

    Mr. Rickie Khosla! You bad bad man!
    How could you even think of taking advantage of an innocent and a naive woman like me?
    You confused me with your disclaimer and I am so innocent and naive that I pretended I did not read your second part of the disclaimer!
    Now, go and write an impostion
    “I will never ever try and confuse Bhavana with my disclaimers”.
    But seriously, now I read the second time, I liked it then too. Nice satirical piece, especially the dumb Mr. Singh, houses, Mr. singh leaving after the son moving in.
    I did not even remember the name of Jamai Raja’s name!

      1. BhavanaDiary

        Thanks you Rickie for the wishes..:-)
        I hope you are joking about writing the imposition..I was just kidding about it, you knew it, dint you?
        But if you took the trouble to writing the imposition 25 times then send a printscreen ok? :-p

  9. Smitha

    Lol!That was fantastic! Such a superb piece:) The poor poor little rich boy. Such troubles he has to face:) So many scary uncles 🙂 Loved what you did here.

    On a totally different note, that pic, you know. I can bet money on where it was taken. It is the breakfast table at a B&B on the Isle of Skye:)

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Thank you for reading, Smitha! Glad you liked it!
      I must say, that breakfast table looks quite delightful. I am not really a B&B person because the “close knit ambience” of it grosses me out, but I could definitely see myself relishing a joyous breakfast like the one in the picture!

  10. Ruch

    Ok I may be daft but I had to read this twice to get it 🙂 But see I finally got it without any hints !
    And since you say you wrote it in half hour flat, By god I cant wait for the book to come out !

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Because I called it a Short Story, people took it as that on face value.
      And because the only point I was trying to make was about a mother pushing her boy into doing something he didn’t want, the post just wrote itself!
      Thanks for reading!


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