Move Over, MaSi, NaMo and RaGa, Blogwati-G Is Here!

Is it possible to forge great friendships over the blogosphere? Despite all its cattiness, oneupmanship and suspect-talent? The answer is a resounding – Yes! And one need not go any further than to observe the kinship between Vinita Bahl and me. Yes, that’s the irrepressible Blogwati-G whose delightful blog goes by the apt description of – Zindagi Mil Hi Gayi Dobara! After all, isn’t that what happened with all of us when we started blogging – a rediscovery of our own 50-shades that had perhaps been buried under several layers of the ‘regular’, the mundane and the ennui?

Writing this piece for her was a pleasure especially because I was able to communicate the following points – that she and I will forever be 3 am friends to each other (even though it remains an untested phenomenon as of yet!), that she is a p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y in the truest sense, that she will make a splendid First PM from the Blogging Caste (which has strangely not been declared SC/ST/OBC yet), that Sunanda, her maid, deserves a raise, and that we must respect Bhutan as our nation’s best (and perhaps the only true) friend.

But mainly because she calls me ‘Chikni Soorat’ and I kind of like that! 

And now, without further ado, here is my outrageous piece on Blogwati-G’s blog. Do click the link below if you aren’t bored already!


Z zings Zindagi!


(Image : Courtesy Google)

(Image : Courtesy Google)



9 thoughts on “Move Over, MaSi, NaMo and RaGa, Blogwati-G Is Here!

  1. blogwatig

    Wah! Now this intro toh is like sone par suhaga! Give in a sneak peak to your fab post on your blog. Else how else will people know the GREAT I AM 😛

    But yes, in all of the above, ain’t I glad I found you, Chikni Soorat. Aur 3 am ho ya 3pm, now you can’t escape being in my good books (or blogs). For you and a few others, I will remain indebted to IBL forever 🙂

    Thank you for writing this fab piece for me. Ab PM banoo ya nahin, at least I know the drill. Hugs.

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Can you tell that I am also pitching to be your speechwriter? Hah!
      The pleasure of writing something for you was all mine! Thank you for having me over chez BlogwatiG!

      1. blogwatig

        Done. All my speeches, political and otherwise shall be thine to pen. And now you better make that trip to Bombay. Oh yes, if I am PM, it will be BOMBAY 😀


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