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Strangely one morning, as she was probably nursing a particularly bad hangover, Purba Ray of A-Musing fame, figured that my writing was worthy of her blog. Her blog – which is among the funniest and most insightful ones out there! So when she asked me to do a guest post for her, I didn’t even stop to ask if she was feeling ok – I just said YES!

Here is the piece. Do read, comment, share – you know, the usual stuff that friends do!


The National Treasure

Beware : Angry Lady Ahead!

Beware : Angry Lady Ahead!

“This is a disaster!” yells Sonia Gandhi as she facepalms her forehead uncharacteristically. “How could we even let this happen?”

The emergency (yet hidden from the media’s prying eyes) political meeting is taking place at the lawns of Sheila Dixit’s official residence in Delhi. The bright winter sun is warm but doing little to dispel the frosty ambience of the congregation. The news that had been received by the PMO just that morning has pulled the rug from under the political establishment’s feet. “It can’t be true!”, “The media must not find out about this!” and “What will Maya and Mulayam do now?” are the universal exclamations in the corridors of power. (As is “How come Urvashi won Bigg Boss?” but that is off-topic for this post.) Mamata Banerji and Narendra Modi have already rushed to Delhi as they are prone to do under such circumstances. So have most other leaders. All except Jayalalitha, who decides to stay put in Chennai under the perceived threat of a snub.
As the perfectly attired waiters with starched pagdees discreetly serve cream of mushroom soup and assorted nibblers, the political class furiously debates ways to help abate the latest crisis – the imminent loss of a national treasure to an adversarial nation.


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9 thoughts on “A Guest Post For A Super Blogger!

  1. C. Suresh

    Rickie! I am here after going to Purba’s blog first 🙂 You are getting better by the day. This was one hilarious post!

    This is one post which brought me face-to-face with two bloggers -you and Purba – who give me an inferiority complex, considering that I too purport to write humor. All it needed was Debajyoti Ghosh as well for me to bury my head in sand and never look up 🙂

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      OMG, Suresh, can anyone pay nicer compliments than you? The answer is an emphatic no!
      Thanks so much for the appreciation as always. Well, I try to be funny…looks like my efforts may be bearing results occasionally!


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