Film Review – Student Of The Year. Makes Me Want To Hit My Head With A Soty!

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High Achievers : The future Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Corporate Billionaire of India.


I feel small and foolish after having watched the trailer of Karan Johar’s latest lollypop “Student of the Year”. Here I was, happily thinking all these years that school days were the best days of my life. Not once realizing how much more fun and glamorous my teenage years could have been had I gone to a school that didn’t look like a bloody cowshed in comparison to what is on display in SOTY. Here are the reasons for my delayed anguish.

  • Did my school have a catchy name like Saint Teresa? And was it established in 1917, when Mother Teresa was a mere 7 years old but had already been identified by the school’s founders as someone destined for greatness? No.

  • Was my school nestled in the Himalayas, with those glorious mountains the backdrop of the school’s assembly hall? Not only that, was my school also a mere walking distance from the most spectacular beaches in the country? Not really.


  • Did my school have the label of “the most premier educational institution of the country”? Not by a mile.


  • Did every student in my school look like she/he had stepped right out of a Vogue (and Vogue Hommes) catalogue? Frankly, I didn’t even know what Vogue was till I saw Madonna’s video of the song of the same name.


  • Instead of being bamboo-pole gangly, pock marked with acne, with bad hair styles and crooked teeth, Dilton Doiley glasses, and a totally uncool school uniform (ours was white and parrot green – serious!), did we, as 16/17 year olds look anything like the 25-year old stars of the film (who are playing 16/17 year olds)? Frankly, if these “kids” were in my class at the time, I would have been tempted to call them Uncle and Aunty, as I used to call anyone who looked older than 18.


  • Did our Head Master look like Rishi Kapoor? And did he wear a dandy beige Armani suit with a neon green tie? Sadly, no.


  • Was our school parking chock-a-block with Harley-Davidsons and Ferrari convertibles instead of rickety school buses? (And did we all have driver’s licenses at 16?) No and No.


  • Did our school have an Olympic sized heated indoor swimming pool? Complete with audience stands that could accommodate 15000 people? Plus, another recreational infinity pool outside from which school kids would emerge in slow motion wearing skimpy swimming costumes? Hah!


  • Was our school completely bereft of younger students, say of Class XI and below? On the contrary, all I remember of school is loud, annoying little children as far as my spectacled eyes could see.


  • Did we have even a single student who looked like a film star and had the brains of Stephen Hawking? Oh, and who was also a total athletic package like Lance Armstrong? Errm, no.


  • Did girls in my school wear skirts so skimpy that the school authorities were left with no option but to make Brazilian waxing mandatory? No, but clipped nails were an absolute necessity.


  • Did my school have a gym so well endowed that it would make Fitness First Platinum look like an akhara? (More importantly, would kids have been allowed to use said hypothetical gym to stay fit rather than toss themselves around in the dirt of the school playground?) Our school was perpetually under construction for all the years I was there! There was plenty of dirt to go around…who needed a gym?


  • During our school days, were we (16/17 year olds who actually looked 16-17 years old) allowed to go sit at the fanciest bars in town and gulp down shot after shot of vodka? (…and still look like a million dollars, not getting sloshed and not throwing up all over the place. But more importantly, could we have afforded to buy anything more than a Pepsi at the time without making our parents go ballistic?) No chance.


  • Was the entire school brilliant at choreographed group dancing, in the snazzy school convention hall (so brilliantly lit that it would put the glitziest night clubs to shame) where the school DJ and band played a remixed version of ‘Disco Deewane’? Not quite, though a few of us had the original Nazia Hasan LP. And a couple of girls were learning kathak…does that count?

So, there – my sad school days story. I feel thoroughly robbed. Now I will have to watch this new film to fully understand what coulda, woulda, shoulda…..




33 thoughts on “Film Review – Student Of The Year. Makes Me Want To Hit My Head With A Soty!

  1. janu

    My school’s name, the building, the teachers , the students…everything was drab. The only thing is I made life long friends.

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Imagine, if you had studied at a school like Saint Teresa, you would not only have had life long friends, but they would have been models / film stars with an IQ like Einstein!

  2. phoenixritu

    Damn! I need to build this school. Sadly the only backdrop I can think good for the school would be Miami beach. Donations invited. My email is Please mail me the money, and your kid will be educated on a hefty discount. All donors will be inducted in the board of governors.

  3. alkagurha

    Worse…my school had no boys…
    KJo had to outdo himself….in his previous movie the principal was a fumbling Anupam Kher ogling at Mrs Briganza’s hemline…..

  4. Ash

    haha… school/college type hindi movies are so overhyped…. but they’re better than hollywood serials like beverly hills 90210, at least!

    1. Lucy

      Kama piezP:srezent dla mamy to taki słodki kłopocik, człowiek bardzo chce podarować coś wyjątkowego a wybrać ciężko. Taki kosz to super pomysł.

    2. jcb kreditkarten

      Richard,Catching up with your blog. We’ve been to Niagara Falls many times since it is directly on the Boston to Michigan route we take home. We’ve viewed the falls from both Canada & US. Much prettier on the landscaped Canadian side. But we haven’t done the viewing platform.Maybe we’ll try that next time.dorothea


      Ali,I adore how you use color, I never would have considered some as simple and everyday as my front door. I guess Im making things far too complicated. The article reigned me in somewhat. The LO with Anna is precious, and so is Anna. I also loved your Dad’s legacy in old photos. I have many of my mothers, grandmothers some dating back to the civil war. It’s incredible to see what their everyday was like. I’ll be waiting for your class.As always,Marilyn


      I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this before. So good to see somebody with some unique ideas on this subject. I really thank you for beginning it. This website is one thing that is wanted on the net, somebody with just a little originality.

  5. purbaray

    Your school now has a fabulous canteen, capable of turning Kangna Ranaut into Dolly Bindra. You should see the way the girls dress for farewell. You definitely need to go back to school!!

  6. Amit

    I am sure this movie will make me depressed and I have to visit a shrink. And I don’t know why but I cannot distinguish between the two heroes. I will be very confused if I watch it.

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Forget about the heroes, think about Alia Bhatt. A face that’s a cross between Soni Razdan and Pooja Bhatt! Now, THAT’s enough to give one sleepless nights!

  7. aparna

    Rickie… My school had these and more… oh wait! hell ‘No’. But then i dont expect much of even a semblance of a ‘reflection of real society’ from karan johar. He just sells creamed consumerism to everyone… “HA! dont watch it if you think this is crap!”… he would have said…
    I say – dont make such crap if you can…

    1. Rickie Khosla Post author

      Actually, whatever he makes (one man’s crap is another man’s candyfloss), KJo does have the midas touch. Whatever he touches, even Jhalak Dikhlaja, turns to gold!


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