Dear Diary

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The following are postings from Tamanna’s Daily Diary


Daily Diary

June 1, 2012

I am 16 years old now – I think I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

So I have made up my mind. It is time for me to think like an adult. And act like an adult. I know it will be very hard on mummy and papa, and they may never forgive me for going behind their back. But this is something that I must do.

I don’t care about the consequences.

Salim is a fantastic person – there really is no one like him. I know I have chosen wisely. He keeps reassuring me that whatever I decide will be right. That makes me feel better. God, please give me the strength to go ahead with my plan.


June 2, 2012

Mummy and I spent the afternoon together, just like we used to do every Saturday. First we put on our face masks – it promised us glowing skin on the pack! Then we oiled each other’s hair. I can’t thank God enough for giving me the gift of long and beautiful tresses. And the lessons that mummy has taught me in maintaining good hair – regular combing, oil-massaging, and using good hair products to keep them healthy and nourished, like the Dove Hair Products that she has been buying regularly for me for years.

After shampooing and showering, we painted each other’s nails and gossiped about the aunties in the lane!

I am sad that everything will change in a couple of days. I wonder if we will ever be able to go back to these innocent days ever again. I pray we do.

Salim called. After talking to him, I felt reassured again. We have to decide on a date.


June 3, 2012

I just could not meet mummy’s gaze today. I feel so guilty. There is so much love…and now I am about to go behind her back. I feel like I am cheating her.

Papa is leaving for Mumbai tomorrow morning for 3-4 days. So, Salim and I have decided to go for it day after tomorrow. I will have to sneak out to his place for a couple of hours. I am thinking about an excuse that won’t make mummy suspicious.

I am so nervous. But I must stay focused.


June 4, 2012

I have asked Nandita to cover for me. She will call mummy and ask for me to come over for some urgent school holidays home work. I will then sneak out and go to Salim’s place instead.

Hope mummy doesn’t get suspicious. If she knew what I was up to, she will surely lock me up in the house for the rest of my life! How I hate going behind her back this way.

I hope nothing goes wrong with the plan.


June 5, 2012

It’s done.

I tried to sneak back inside the house in the evening but mummy knew right away! One look at me and she went straight into her room and shut the door. Now she wouldn’t talk to me or let me in! I know she is crying inside. It has been hours now and she hasn’t come out!

Mummy, please forgive me! Please give me a chance to explain!

God, please help me, I don’t know what to do!

Salim is a wonderful person. He knew this was going to be very difficult for me, so he let me take all the time I needed.


June 6, 2012

Mummy finally emerged from her room this morning. I was fairly confident that she would forgive me eventually, and she it looks like she has. She still looked shaken that I had gone ahead and chopped off my lovely, lustrous hip-length hair with no warning. But I am her daughter, and I know that she trusts my reasons for doing that.

She doesn’t know the full story, though, and I don’t want to tell her just yet.


June 7, 2012

Papa came back from Mumbai – but didn’t say a word about the hair! I think mummy had alerted him on the phone about my drastic decision.

They are both being so brave. Our lives will change tomorrow. No – correction – our lives will change FOR THE BETTER tomorrow.

Salim will come to see them in the afternoon.



June 8, 2012

Mummy’s first day at chemotherapy went off very well! She was so strong – papa, me, Doctor Shreshtha, all the nurses, we were all so proud of her! It is now just a matter of time before we kick this cancer in the butt!

God will see us through!

And, Salim came to see mummy with her brand new wig! It looked wonderful – I knew Salim was the best person to make it. When mummy saw it, her eyes filled with tears. We all loved my lovely hair, but it will live long as my beautiful mother’s now.

Mummy and I hugged each other for a long time. Papa was trying to hide his tears, but I could see!

Later, when we got home, I heard them speak softly in their bedroom. “What a wonderful daughter we have reared, Amit. We were always so proud of her, but for her to do something so selfless…I don’t have the words – I am blessed! I was concerned about all my hair falling out because of chemo and then I saw that lovely wig made of my daughter’s hair…and that was the end of my hair problems!

I love you mummy. I love you papa


June 9, 2012

This morning, I woke up with a start! I thought – hip-length hair? I can achieve that again in no time with my mother’s love and Dove Hair Products!

In fact, I found a perfect new place to get all my answers to hair-related questions at the Dove Hair-Aware App!


Back to brilliance in no time!




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  1. Arvind Passey

    Liked the concept. Liked the brave faces all around. Liked the attitude… well, if you have these three things then you’re likely to see an end to all problems, why just end of hairy ones.
    Fantastic attempt. All the best for the contest!

  2. jaishvats


    The twist was totally unexpected. The initial picture was that of a teenager eloping and it underwent a beautiful transformation to a deeper story. Kudos! Good Luck for the contest

  3. AlkaGurha

    I had read about the contest and was not sure how to pen a post around the topic…..I really liked the concept and the emotional feel of this post.
    Good Luck.

  4. BlogwatiG

    Heart wrenching…………I like the way the story played with the reader’s imagination to turn out into an emotional one. Great going!


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