My New-Word Submissions – Part I

New words are added to the Oxford and Webster English dictionaries all the time. Here is a new series I am starting, with 3 new words inspired by IPL and people associated with it! 


Gangoogly (or just ganguli, for short) – noun. The false pretense of being a Quality Product even though it is at least 5 years past its Expiry Date.

Typical usage – One century in over 365 days? How long will Sachin Tendulkar continue bowling the gangoogly to us?


Ass-Archaic (or just S-R-K-ic, for short) – noun. Bouts of antediluvianism and grandiosity causing a seemingly rational person to behave like a total jackass, usually in a public area.

Typical usage – I spent good money and precious time watching that crapfest called Tees Maar Khan. I could make a better film than that fucking no-talent Sirish Kunder, even with my eyes closed. I am going to go all ass-archaic on him if I ever see him!

Kingfizzlenoun. A crash, failure, fiasco, collapse, fall through, defeat, pie-on-the-face of a very, very large magnitude. Usually applies to a pompous ass (and his progeny, too)

Typical usage – Just like we do all the time, the whole idea was to hit the shacks in Goa early and booze the living daylights out of us. Instead, we spent the entire day at the airport waiting for the damned flight to take off. Epic kingfizzle, man!






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