Welcome, Folks Landing Here From The Old Site

Thank you for your continued support, interest and feedback!

I had been warned by people who know this stuff better that the folks at Blogger sometimes remove blogs without notice. And there is nothing really one can do about it – it is a free service after all. This can typically happen when a blog becomes big – but that is exactly what I intent to do with my blog. So, I have decided to “own” my space.

The idea is to put a lot of material out here regularly. I know, some will be good, much of it will be bad. But there will always be hope that you lovely people will find the time and inclination to come read it – and let me know exactly what you feel about what you read. How else does one evolve, right?

And so, the crapfest will continue at this new location. I am still figuring some technical details, but, for the most part, this is functioning fine.



8 thoughts on “Welcome, Folks Landing Here From The Old Site

    1. Rickie Post author

      Thanks for reading! Do subscribe by clicking on the RSS Feed button (on the right hand side, next to the Facebook icon and just above Archives)

  1. Linu Mathew

    This defintely gona give us a regular dose of laughter riot and some ‘dimag ki batti jala’ stuff!


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